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A Very Late Post


Hello!!! It has been quite awhile since I have made a post and even though making posts isn’t something I’m required to do, I am a little disappointed with myself because I miss posting! 🙂

Anyway, this is a very late post but a couple months ago I finally finished one of the DIY CarSeat Ponchos I was making for my kids!

My older two kids picked out their own fabric and I used a mixture of two tutorials that I found in a DIY group I’m in on Facebook.

After weeks of delaying and saying I was going to do it and hauling the fabric with me to and from my mom’s house, in the hopes I would get motivated to do it, I finally did it one night Hubby had off work. I made the hoods first.


Then Hubby helped me lay out the two layers of yards of fabric and cut them evenly. Followed closely by pinning them 🙂 First our middle child’s, our son William….


Then our oldest child’s, our daughter Isabelle…..


I will admit, it is well after midnight by this time and this was one of the most extensive projects I had done in YEARS!! So while we were doing the hood on William, my machine started goofing up and missed a few small spots. Pretty good given the fact that it was going through six layers of fleece fabric lol!! At the end, my bobbin thread got hugely tangled (at almost 4am) and I broke down and started crying because I thought I ruined it 😦 Put everything away and went to bed…..

Took it out a couple days later and it was perfect (except two tiny spots that one layer is missed on the inside lol)!!!!


He Loved it and it kept him nice and snuggly warm lol!! 🙂


Still have to sew the hood on Isabelle’s, I will finish it before this winter! But first I am doing some other smaller projects to redevelop my basic sewing skills so hopefully I won’t meltdown again if my machine and I are very tired lol 😛


Believe in yourselves!! And sew on!! 🙂 😀

William’s latest discovery


Today we are spending time at my mom’s. She has these two pink plastic cups that Isabelle and William have a ball playing with but normally it involves throwing them around or banging them on things. Tonight, William decided to try something new…..

He decided that he wanted to try to suction the cup to his face lol!!


I’m sure that anyone that has kids, has been around kids, or has been a kid themselves knows what happened when he did it…….

It made a farting sound!!!

Something so simple and so silly but it caught him so off guard that it sent everyone into laughter!!

This link is to the video of him doing it lol, enjoy!!! 🙂


William’s latest discovery – 12/10/13

Felt Creative this Weekend


I have been meaning to get started on a lot of projects. This weekend, aside from the usually weekend deep clean of the house, I got motivated!

On Saturday, I made two insta-dresses for Isabelle (& William) that I had found in the scrap bins at Walmart months ago. Then I made my first attempt at a toddler strap.

I loop it on my belt and it is better height for my toddler to reach to hold on to, in case my hands are full.

Then on Sunday, I got really busy. I went to work converting some of my tank tops to nursing tank tops.

My first attempt, I ruined it. It was the wrong type of strap.

My second attempt was my first success.


Then I tried two more times. Success both times!!!


So I successfully made 3 nursing tank tops. Next, I moved onto the fabric I had gotten awhile ago to make pillowcases for everyone. Decided I would try to make one of William’s. It came out really good.


Aside from a little imperfection at the opening….


But it proves I’m human and you can tell I made it with Love ❤

Clean up in Aisle 2???


Isabelle, William, Garrett, my mom, and I decided that we wanted to get out the house and go do some “wandering” as my mom said. We all went to Salvation Army first. The whole time we could tell that William wasn’t feeling good. He didn’t want to walk, wanted to be in the cart. And when he wasn’t sleeping he was just leaning on Garrett’s blanket that we had sitting next to him.

We left Salvation Army and went to McDonald’s to get some dinner. While we were eating my mom ran into JcPenney’s really quick to see if they had diapers. When she came back out, William had eaten a little bit and seemed to being feeling a little better so we decided to go to Ollie’s then go to her house.


We got to Ollie’s and I had Garrett in the wrap, but that didn’t last long. William didn’t want to walk again but wanted to be carried after sitting in the cart for part of the time. We were almost done so I decided to hold him since I could tell he still didn’t feel good. So I handed Garrett to my mom and carried William the rest of the way through Ollie’s.

We just get into the the only checkout line open (my mom is in front of me with Garrett, Isabelle, and the cart) and William throws up all over everywhere!!! We had to ask the checkout lady several times for paper towels before she grasped the concept that he had just thrown up and I needed to clean it up. I had to put my poor sick boy down on the ground so I could clean up the throw up in the middle of the checkout line.

The checkout lady FINALLY gets on the loudspeaker and what does she do??? Calls for someone to come open another checkout line!!! Not a mop, not someone to come help clean up, no…..someone come open another checkout line. Not one person offered to help, everyone just stood there staring at me like I could help that I was in their way to the checkout!! I even had to ask for a plastic bag to put the paper towels in.

What happened to the time when you went to the store and they called for a mop for messes??? What happened to stores helping moms when they need it most?? It was really a shock that I didn’t hear the “Clean up in Aisle 2” over the loudspeaker!!! So I guess moms, be prepared when you go out with sick babes. Be prepared in case, you are required to clean up puke in the middle of the only checkout line open with other customers staring at you because you are holding them up while you clean up puke….