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My First DIY wrap!!


Ice dyed galaxy woven wrap


Awesome tutorial!! I am doing this for a friend and maybe one for myself in the future!! 🙂



Starting from the beginning:

fabric used-linen blend from joann

dye used-dylon from joann

other supplies- salt, soda ash/ washing soda, glue, gloves, bucket, tray, ice

After washing my fabric a few times with hot water I did a soda ash pre soak for about 1/2 hour. 1/2 cup soda ash per gallon in the bucket till all the fabric was covered. Then wring out and air dry. Once dried take Elmer’s washable blue gel glue to make a resist on the fabric. I did random dots to look like stars. These will wash out when you do all the washing after the dye has I got my bucket and rack set up. I used a part of our dogs crate but you can use any any rack that will hold your fabric above your bucket or sink. Then I took my fabric and bunched it up in no…

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A Very Late Post


Hello!!! It has been quite awhile since I have made a post and even though making posts isn’t something I’m required to do, I am a little disappointed with myself because I miss posting! 🙂

Anyway, this is a very late post but a couple months ago I finally finished one of the DIY CarSeat Ponchos I was making for my kids!

My older two kids picked out their own fabric and I used a mixture of two tutorials that I found in a DIY group I’m in on Facebook.

After weeks of delaying and saying I was going to do it and hauling the fabric with me to and from my mom’s house, in the hopes I would get motivated to do it, I finally did it one night Hubby had off work. I made the hoods first.


Then Hubby helped me lay out the two layers of yards of fabric and cut them evenly. Followed closely by pinning them 🙂 First our middle child’s, our son William….


Then our oldest child’s, our daughter Isabelle…..


I will admit, it is well after midnight by this time and this was one of the most extensive projects I had done in YEARS!! So while we were doing the hood on William, my machine started goofing up and missed a few small spots. Pretty good given the fact that it was going through six layers of fleece fabric lol!! At the end, my bobbin thread got hugely tangled (at almost 4am) and I broke down and started crying because I thought I ruined it 😦 Put everything away and went to bed…..

Took it out a couple days later and it was perfect (except two tiny spots that one layer is missed on the inside lol)!!!!


He Loved it and it kept him nice and snuggly warm lol!! 🙂


Still have to sew the hood on Isabelle’s, I will finish it before this winter! But first I am doing some other smaller projects to redevelop my basic sewing skills so hopefully I won’t meltdown again if my machine and I are very tired lol 😛


Believe in yourselves!! And sew on!! 🙂 😀

Goddess Freyja

Goddess Freyja

Journeying to the Goddess

“Freyja” by Lisa Iris

“Freyja’s themes are devotion, strength, the sun, magic and passion. Her symbols are lions and strawberries.  In Nordic tradition, Freyja’s name means ‘lady’. Generally speaking, it is Her domain to care for matters of the heart. In mythology, Freyja is stunningly beautiful, a mistress to the gods and She appears driving a chariot pulled by cats. When saddened, Freyja cries gold tears, and She wears a shining golden necklace (alluding to some solar associations). Many people in northern climes credit Her for teaching magic to mankind.

In astrology, people born under the sign of Leo are energetic and filled with Freyja’s solar aspect. And, like Freyja, they are ardent, dynamic lovers. If your love life needs a pick-me-up, Freyja’s your Goddess to call on. Start with a bowl if strawberries and melted chocolate that you feed to your lover. Remember to nibble passionately while noting into…

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Goddess Bast

Goddess Bast

Journeying to the Goddess

“Bast – Egyptian Cat Goddess” by Sharon George

“Bast’s themes are animals, magic, overcoming, playfulness, joy and humor.  Her symbols are cats.  Bast is the Egyptian cat-faced Goddess of sorcery, beneficence, joy, dance and fertility. Being a cat in nature, Bast teaches us to land on our feet in any situation, using a positive, playful attitude as our best ally. Bast and Her minions were so revered in Egypt that to kill cats was a crime punishable by death. Archaeologists uncovered mummified cats there, whose owners wanted the companionship of cats even in the afterlife. May is one of Bast’s traditional festival months.

In Belgium, people dress as cats today and hold a parade, known as The Kattenstoet, in which Bast is featured as the Queen of Cats. So think cat magic! If there’s a cat in your life, pamper the creature today and include it in spell craft as…

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Baby’s Hungry: A Daddy’s Perspective on Nursing (and Nursing in Public)


As a breastfeeding Mother, I wanted to Reblog this because this blog post is AMAZING!!! I breastfed my first child for 3 weeks then gave up due to lack of support and lack of knowledge. Then I went on to breastfeed my second until he chose to self wean at 18 months. Breastfeeding a toddler didn’t go over well with many people I encountered, especially because his last 6 months, I was pregnant with my third. I am now going strong with my 5 month old and will breastfeed until he decides to self wean. Love this blog post – How public is too public? How old is too old?

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

by Jay Parr

I was about twelve, riding the DC Metrobus home from school, when a woman started complaining loudly about another woman breastfeeding her baby on the bus. I didn’t see anything, so I don’t know if the nursing mother was covered up or not, but that’s irrelevant here. The complaining woman made her way up to the driver, a taciturn and tough-looking man who looked like he would as soon cut your throat as say hello (I remember him because he drove that route often). He focused on the afternoon traffic as the woman complained, until he came to a light and she demanded, “Well? Aren’t you going to do something?”

The driver looked out at the cross traffic for a moment, absently drumming his fingers on the fare box, then turned to the woman and shrugged.

“Baby’s hungry.”

I can’t say for certain that the woman immediately…

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