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Mom Sensors



Now, I’m pretty sure I am not the only mom whose kids have a radar that says “Oh, Mom’s sitting down, time to go get into something,” or “Look, Mom just got comfy, lets go ask her a million questions.”

Well, my kids like to take it to the next level. Their mom radar goes beyond me just getting comfy and sitting down, it kicks in whenever I leave the room!


The bathroom, for example, I am NEVER alone for more than 10 seconds while they are awake. Even if they are playing quietly together, as soon as they realize I’m gone, here they come.

Today is another example, I was cleaning their bookshelf because Daddy had been getting a little liberal with the carpet powder so our black shelves looked white! Finished getting it all cleaned and put back together (with them both basically in my lap the WHOLE time)….


But I also forgot what it was like to clean with kids….


Not even 10 seconds after I finished, half the bookshelf had been moved to the couch! So then I decided to go cook dinner.

Put Garrett in the bassinet in the kitchen, turned around to the stove, and…..both Isabelle and William were sitting on the floor right behind me playing!!!


I wonder if I can find where the sensor is on me…maybe I can remove it… 🙂 😉


Vaseline Excursions


This morning Isabelle and William decided they were going to come get in bed with Billy, Garrett, and I. Everyone was still sleeping until I rolled over and realized….Isabelle had wet through her diaper onto our bed and her and William were nowhere to be seen.

I got up and went into William’s room to turn his music off and what do I find? Disposable breast pads ALL OVER his bed and floor. But still no Isabelle or William…

We make our way downstairs and into the living room where we find Isabelle and William……COVERED in Vaseline!! They had also covered our coffee table and some toys that were on it in Vaseline. And as I was cleaning it up, I found Vaseline all over William’s bed, his bedding, the handrails going downstairs and the wall beneath the handrails!

Finally got everything and everyone cleaned up and Billy gave them a bath because they had Vaseline all throughout each others hair. I have no idea if they ate any but I guess I will find out soon because they will definitely be able to poop easier 😀

Silence is Golden, Unless...