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“Daddy, Mommy needs your brain!!!”


Today we spent the day at the orchard picking pumpkins and spending time with family. I forgot to take care of my cup before we left so when we got back, obviously it was still there.
Isabelle noticed it and started asking me to take care of it while I was feeding Garrett. I told her I would in a second so that started her on why it was there and why I forgot to take care of it.
I had a headache and she hadn’t been listening all day so I was getting a little frustrated so I told her “I forgot to take care of it because Mommy can’t seem to find her brain today.” She asked why and I said “I don’t know, Isabelle, I think I lost it.”
She immediately jumps up and goes running to her Daddy, who is sitting in the chair not too far from me. She says “Daddy!! Mommy lost her brain!!” He thought I was scaring her and told me I shouldn’t scare her. But then she looks at him and says “Daddy, Mommy needs your brain!!!”


We both immediately started laughing and Daddy says “Now wait a minute, doesn’t Daddy get a say in this?” She looks at him and without thinking twice about it, says “No Daddy, Mommy needs it!” It was so cute and funny, I love my beautiful 3 year old