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Felt Creative this Weekend


I have been meaning to get started on a lot of projects. This weekend, aside from the usually weekend deep clean of the house, I got motivated!

On Saturday, I made two insta-dresses for Isabelle (& William) that I had found in the scrap bins at Walmart months ago. Then I made my first attempt at a toddler strap.

I loop it on my belt and it is better height for my toddler to reach to hold on to, in case my hands are full.

Then on Sunday, I got really busy. I went to work converting some of my tank tops to nursing tank tops.

My first attempt, I ruined it. It was the wrong type of strap.

My second attempt was my first success.


Then I tried two more times. Success both times!!!


So I successfully made 3 nursing tank tops. Next, I moved onto the fabric I had gotten awhile ago to make pillowcases for everyone. Decided I would try to make one of William’s. It came out really good.


Aside from a little imperfection at the opening….


But it proves I’m human and you can tell I made it with Love ❤