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William’s latest discovery


Today we are spending time at my mom’s. She has these two pink plastic cups that Isabelle and William have a ball playing with but normally it involves throwing them around or banging them on things. Tonight, William decided to try something new…..

He decided that he wanted to try to suction the cup to his face lol!!


I’m sure that anyone that has kids, has been around kids, or has been a kid themselves knows what happened when he did it…….

It made a farting sound!!!

Something so simple and so silly but it caught him so off guard that it sent everyone into laughter!!

This link is to the video of him doing it lol, enjoy!!! 🙂


William’s latest discovery – 12/10/13

Proud of my sweet William <3


Today, I took William to his pediatrician because we wanted to talk to his doctor about getting him tested for diabetes. After we explained why we were thinking that, she said she didn’t think it was diabetes but hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). So she sent us to get his blood drawn.

Now, a little background on William. Ever since he was born, he is the type to sit back and let you do what needs to be done. He doesn’t cry when he gets his shots, he doesn’t cry when he gets the wart on his foot (that we can’t seem to get rid of) froze off, doesn’t cry during check up….just lets you do it. Because of how he is, I thought he would do good during the blood draw but he completely BLEW ME AWAY!!!!

He just sat there! He didn’t even flinch when she put the needle in, didn’t cry when she put the tie around his arm, didn’t try to pull away, didn’t try to push my hands away or her hands away. He sat there and watched the whole time with NOT ONE PEEP!!! One of the other ladies walked back and saw it was a toddler and said “Wow, he’s being so quiet!” “Yeah, I’m the baby whisperer today!”

I must say that it was quite a relief to not have to pin him down and fight to restrain him like I have to with Isabelle. I am so proud of my handsome boy 🙂

A Smacking Wake Up Call


Since Isabelle was at Grandma and Grandpa’s last night we only had one extra baby in the bed with us when we woke up this morning. I’m sure many of you have seen the below picture by itself and on the chart of many different positions….

Sleeping: H is for Hell

Well, I would like to add one to the known ones called “The Smacking Wake Up Call.”

My husband is a VERY deep sleeper and our kids know this. Everytime they try to wake him up in the morning, it usually becomes a team effort with lots of yelling and shaking and pushing.

This morning I woke to a sound I heard repeated but couldn’t place. So I rolled over to see hubby facing away from me, fast asleep, with William in between us. He was up on his knees with his hands on Daddy’s side/shoulder. I watched William start squatting and say “Ready….” then up on his knees again. Start squatting and say “Set….” and then up on his knees again. Start squatting again and say “Go!!!” Then shoot up on his knees and smack Daddy in the face!!!

I watched him repeat this again and hubby still didn’t wake up (he wasn’t smacking him lightly, he should have felt it). So, trying to contain my laughter, I reached over and shook hubby awake and told him I can’t believe he wasn’t awake because William was just smacking him in the face to wake him up. Hubby’s response without moving to show he woke up was “I know, that last one woke me up.” What I didn’t point out though was if he was awake, why did it take so long for me to wake him up?