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First Workout


My mom and I had both been wanting to sign up at a gym for awhile now. Well for Cyber Monday we took the plunge because they were having a sale: 30 Day Trial for only $5, how could you pass that up? So we signed up with Snap Fitness.


We finally got our access cards so today we went for our first workout!!! So exciting!

We got there and one of the personal trainers walked us through the machines and our first workout. It was fun, we both kept laughing at each other. It is always more fun when you workout with someone lol.


We did the treadmill, squats, plank, mountain climbers, leg presses, then did some of the machines to work the upper body. I must say…..I feel like a noodle!!! Lol, I feel good but I definitely feel like a noodle.


We are going back Friday for our next workout and I can’t wait! So excited to start getting my pregnancy weight off and getting back to a weight I feel more comfortable with. 🙂