Fun things you see at Walmart & on the way


I’m sure everyone has heard or seen the stereotypes that have to do with Walmart. If you haven’t, just google The People of Walmart and you should find plenty of funny things. Well, this post is a little late but with Christmas and everything, I figured it would be understandable.

During one day of Christmas shopping, hubby and I were on our way to Walmart. We were stopped at a red light when we looked over at the Burger King on the right side of the street. What we saw made me laugh out loud!!!


You can’t really tell because we were a little far away but….do you see the lump on the top of this car that is in the drive threw???


How about now?? That, my friends, is a deer! This person went hunting, bagged a deer, and then thought to themselves “Hey, let’s celebrate with some Burger King!!” Lol, I feel bad for the drive threw workers, can you imagine opening that window to the blast of dead deer carcass?? Blah!!!

Then we were driving around in the Walmart parking lot, looking for a parking spot. Drove past this car and had to put us in reverse so I could check to make sure I saw what I thought I saw lol.


I did blur the license plate to protect identities and all that stuff. But look!! A purple mustache on a car!!!


This was so funny, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve seen reindeer noses but never mustaches lol. I normally don’t follow the stereotypes of Walmart but these are definitely giving me pause lol.


Does anyone else see funny things on cars? Going down the road? In parking lots? Are you weird like me and take pictures or just laugh in the moment and let it go lol?

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