My First Reveal


I got my Rep Kit in the mail for Jewelry In Candles, it had my scent samples and candle in it. I was so excited and anxious to burn my candle and find my jewelry!! I got the Black Cherry Candle and it smells delicious!


I burned it for a couple hours before bed the day I got it but didn’t get it down far enough to get to the hidden surprise. Next morning I lit it again and it was ready by the time the kids went down for their naps!


Trying to get it out of the foil and out of the bag was a little difficult, it was extremely slippery. But it was covered in wax so what did I expect? 🙂 Right as hubby offered to try, I got it open!


This is my very first reveal with Jewelry In Candles. The first, I hope, of many.


Now, gold has never really been my thing but I actually really like this ring. I have been wearing it almost everyday! I love the edge of my seat, waiting to see what was hidden inside the foil. I can’t wait to do it again!!

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