Daily Archives: October 12, 2013

A Fear of Bandaids?


Sometimes I don’t understand my daughter lol….Today our cat decided he was going to be a pain and he attacked her foot. She came to me screaming and crying, begging me to put on bandaid on it so it will feel better.


I got her into the bathroom and she picked out her bandaid. I cleaned up the cuts, there were actually two so she needed two bandaids. And as soon as I grabbed the bandaid and opened it…..she starts SCREAMING!!!! “No Mommy!! No!!! No Mommy!! I Dont Want A Bandaid On It!!! No Mommy No!!!”

One of the cuts kept bleeding so it needed a bandaid so what did I have to do? I had to hold her foot while she is screaming and try to put a bandaid on while she is trying to pull her foot away from me.

I finally get them on and she calms down. I even put one on William’s foot because he asked for one (even after the display that would make you think I was hurting her) and I wanted to show her and explain that bandaids didnt hurt.


She does this everytime she gets hurt. She begs and begs and begs and pleads for a bandaid. She even picks out which one she wants. Then as soon as I go to put it on, she screams louder than when she got hurt. I dont understand it…..